Does Jesus wear “Jesus” sandals?

“Fall” party at the high school way back in 2007 at Cookson Hills Christian School. Kurt is in the middle. 🙂 Such silly guys

I sit on my sofa tonight scrolling down your facebook wall…the lump in my throat growing, holding back tears as I remember 23 years ago tonight I was woken up to banging on my window….shouts of “the baby’s coming, you need to get over to Roper’s” Oh my stars! It was so exciting!! Kent Shaffer and I were so young (tender age of 20 and 21). We ran over in the night, only the moon leading the way. We tried to settle in and get a few more minutes of sleep before the house woke up, but sleep would not come. I lay there praying for your mama and for you. I love your mom so much….one of my dearest and best friends. I’m pretty sure God’s got my mansion next to hers in heaven…already prepared….just sayin’ ♥ You arrived healthy and beautiful! Such a precious time in my life as my baby girl Christin Shaffer would turn a year old only a few days later. Kurt I miss you kid, I miss you for your mama and daddy. I know you are having a time up there, hanging out with Jesus….hiking barefoot (does Jesus wear “Jesus” sandals?), living off the land and….admit it…you are pullin’ pranks on the savior of the world (the One who knit you together in my best friends womb) ….and He’s crackin’ up!! I love you sweet boy ♥ I love your family too…. Keith and Penny, Kelly, Katelyn and Abbey Lynn ♥ I love you so much and miss you…. Happy birthday Kurt ♥

Kurt Roper –  July 17, 1990 ~ March 2012

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