Would you like cinnamon in your waffles?

Thursday evening we gather all of our sweet girls “home for dinner” at Saving Grace. Tonight my husband and youngest daughter joined me….Here is how it touched Kent (co-founder of Saving Grace). http://www.savinggracenwa.org

The Beauty of Saving Grace


Tonight, I had the privilege of having ‘breakfast for dinner’ with the girls of Saving Grace.  When we arrived We were greeted at the door and asked to select from a variety of menu choices such as waffles, pancakes, bacon, and sausage.  Along with those choices were a long list of additions to choose from like blueberries, pecans, and cinnamon.

I completed my menu and kindly submitted it.  My requests were modest and as the young woman in the kitchen reviewed my order she spoke to me from the kitchen as I sat at the table and asked if I would like cinnamon in my waffles.  It was a simple question, but sent my heart in motion.


I am sure the Holy Spirit was whispering in my heart through her as if she were saying “I make really good waffles full of spices and nuts and while I am sure…

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One thought on “Would you like cinnamon in your waffles?

  1. My heart smiles as I read about your breakfast supper together the your SG family. I remember when you asked if I might help you find a dining table and your expectations were some ole flea market or garage sale finds. 🙂 God had something better in mind.

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